Hervé Rousseau

1977: Training at Augusto TOZZOLA

1979: Training course at Jacky COVILLE

1981: Installation With Boisbelle

Since 1998: International conferences and Demonstrations

(France, the United States, Australia, Japan, Spain, China)


2007: CCCLB, La Borne, France

2005: Galerie Pierre, Paris,France

2003: Galerie Pierre, Paris, France

2002: Galerie Nadia B, Dieulefit,France

2001: CCCLB, France, Galerie de l’ancienne poste, Toucy, France

2000: Le Lavoir, Clamart, France; Galerie du Don, Montsalvy, France


2008 : Galerie Godar, Lille, France; Galerie Nadia B, Dieulefit, France; Galerie Handwerk, Münich, Allemagne

2007: FLICAM (fule International ceramic Art Museums), fuping, Shaanxi, China; Galerie A Rebours & Nicole Mabille, "This is not a ceramics" Braine-Lalleug, Belgium

2006: "European Ceramic Context 2006", Bornholms, Dannemark; Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France; Museum of Sèvre, "Ground Contemporary, grounds of freedom", France;  The 6th Mashiko Ceramics competition 2006, Japan

2005: Galery Kenbishi, exposure with Ryoji Koie, Nagoya, Japan; Nichidou Museum, Kasama, Japan; Handwerk Gallery, Munich, Germany;  Woodfire conference, Workshop, gundaroo, Australia...

2004: "Naked Truth", Woodfire conference, Workshop, Iowa, the USA